Nodus Systems is a lab for IoT technologies designed to have added value. Our products concepts are always developed in twine with the user base.

As a technology start-up merged from different industries we possess a wide range of expertise and as such often develop out-of-the-box approaches to problems not yet recognised by mass-market solutions. Should you find that we also do not meet your needs - contact us! You might just trigger the creation of your wanted feature without having to invest into the development.

This device controls your audio entertainment and gives you the opportunity to let your guests participate.
Cleverly manage your acustic needs through any internet connectable device (phone, tablet, pc) and connect with your guests through inbuilt gadgets.
Either let the visitor become the dj, or simply pass the job of audio manager to the NODUS Wifi Jukebox.

Available since Sep.2015

Remove advertisements from your whole network! Regardless if you browse the web or use mobile-apps.
Advertisement is blocked and the browsing process improved by a clever cache system.
Remove up to 25% of your daily traffic which originates from ad-networks. Configuration options even let you choose your own ads to show instead.

Available from June.2016