Video Systems

Projectors, Video Walls & Signal Distribution

Home Cinemas and Commercial Video Installations

Nodus Technologies is your professional partner for video projection and video-over-IP distribution Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Easy to use turnkey installations customised to suit your needs and budget.

Exhibition stands, indoor home theatres, workplace enhancement or outdoor viewing area - We have the right video solution for every occasion. With a wide selection of displays and projector/lens combinations diagonal image sizes of 10 metres or more across are no problem.

App controllable video-walls, ambient light sensing projectors, whole-house video distribution - The gadgets and possibilities offered in this field are numerous and specialised. Our engineers will be happy to assist you choosing the best for your operation.


Digital Light Processing technology and 4K resolution - cinema like the professionals. Ultra-sharp contrast and most vibrant colours with a wide variety of lenses from ultra short throw projections of less then one meter to cinematic wide focus lenses with 40 or more meters reach.

Our professionals will find the right projector and lens combination for your project and you may choose from a wide assortment of leading brands.

Specialised business projectors with "white board" feature and mobile auto-adjusting projector units will enhance your work experience and efficiency.

Nodus Technologies provides sales and service support for the following projector brands:

TV's & Screens

Televisions, Computer and Security monitors and Video-wall screens. Depending the application, different kinds of monitors bring different advantages and disadvantages to the table.

Need more power from your TV speakers? Add stereo speakers and a subwoofer with our specially designed TV amplifiers. Ultra-slim to be mounted behind flat-screen TV's and implementing a learning remote to control all your devices. Ask us about our TV amplifier range.


Attach TV's, screens and projectors to almost any surface, and even hide them below with retractable and motorised mounts. Single mounts and mount-arrays with up to 24 screens as well as canvas mounts for outdoor projection purposes.

Wall, ceiling and post mounts for any device size.


Video Distribution

Everything about the splitting, combination and transmission of video signals. Every video installation has different requirements and transmission of impeccable video data is imperative.

High Definition video signal is becoming a more and more familiar standard in the world of entertainment electronics. 4K recordings, replays and streams will become the new transmission standard, a format already adapted by a fair number of TV channels, sports transmissions and end user electronics.

Talk to us about future proof video relay installations and home integrations.

Our Design Partners

Lumbania Design
Interior and exterior design with a Mediterranean flair. Lumbania Design is creating beautiful private homes and commercial spaces in conjunction with our audio, video and security designs.

Star Lab Industries
Stunning Murals in any size. Unique designs for interior and exterior areas. Custom themed designs created from your visions.

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