iMine (Monero) is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to mine the crypto currency Monero (XMR)

Unlike other browser miners this one does NOT use CoinHive. Instead you will mine with! This means that you only pay 0.6% fee on your withdrawals with and not 30% on CoinHive. To compensate the lower fee, has a minimum payout of 0.3 XMR but hey, 30% is tough.

The miner utilises CPU power to mine. You can easily set how much of your cpu you want to utilise, from the number of cores to the percentage of load permitted on each cpu core.

Before you start mining create yourself a Monero address to which your earnings are to be paid. You can do so with the available wallet app for monero from Then enter your address together with cpu settings into the extensions popup and press save. Now you are all set. Press the power button in the top right corner of the extensions popup and see your computer at work.

The software has a donation factor of 5, meaning for every 100 minutes you mine, 5 minutes are donated to the developers of this tool.

No Miner on this page, you will need to install the Chrome extension.

If you came here despite having the extension installed, simply restart it over the Chrome GUI. A small mining button should be in the top right corner of your browser window.

Get it from the Chrome App Store

Changelog of the iMine Chrome Extension:

v. 0.1.6
  • Added a more readable version of the extensions code to comply with the Chrome Stores requirements for transparency.
v. 0.1.5
  • Added French language (Probably not perfect. Contact us over the Google Group if you like to help)
  • Added a hardware protection setting. Throttle speeds of more than 50% must be approved extra by the user. Advanced setting contain the setting and an explanation (Temperature!).
v. 0.1.4
  • Fixed an issue with a potentially unstable web-socket connection. Mining sessions may be restarted during runtime due to this. On connection loss shares are cached and submitted on reconnection
v. 0.1.3
  • General improvements and updates to the communication with the Chrome API.
v. 0.1.2
  • i18n internationalisation added. (en,de)
  • Extended check to warn user if no Monero address was entered
  • Added selection options for up to 8 cpu cores
v. 0.1.1
  • General improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where the text in the surf page was not scrollable on smaller screens.


If you have questions regarding the extension please post them in the extensions Google Group.

For updates on the current status of the service please find us on Twitter:


Privacy Policy of the iMine Chrome Extension

We do track download numbers with Google Analytics and it stops there. None of your data is collected by us or even stored. The extension itself contains no tracking.