Wired Networks

The backbone of data transmission

Professional LAN installations and equipment

Data wire installations require professional attention when sharing space with AC/DC or air conditioning equipment. Nodus Technologies is your professional partner on the island of Koh Phangan when it comes to future proof network installations.

All supplied materials are rated by international data-throughput, wire, building and fire safety standards for installations that provide a lifetime of joy.

A properly installed Gigabit network will allow you to propagate all of your data throughout your home or business. 4K videos, uncompressed audio, encrypted data, surveillance recordings, low voltage DC - all can coexist in the same network.


Fiber and Cat-wire routers for every conceivable application. There is a reason why the router you get with your internet connection is free - and its not the generosity of your internet service provider. These devices are built on minimal configuration in order to supply a single family household. Performance is limited so every adjacent household can be sold the same machine without signal interference and crucial performance enhancing features are absent.

Features like Quality of Service (QoS) that let you evenly distribute available bandwidth between application protocols and multiple simultaneous wireless networks in the same frequency band.

In most cases it is the prudent decision to exchange your ISP's router for a professional model and re-use the free device as wireless access point as the land-lines point of entry is probably not your preferred spot for the propagation of wireless radio signals.


No network without switches. Your router is a fancy switch that also includes a wireless module and fiber connector, nevertheless it's a switch.

Switches handle traffic routing within your local network and are responsible for not corrupting your data in between destinations. Nodus Technologies offers switches from entry to enterprise level with Gigabit throughput and up to 10 years of warranty.

Most switches are also available including Power over Network (PoE) technology, providing power to your connected network devices.

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Power over Ethernet is a convenient way to power your connected network devices. No additional installation or wire required.

Low voltage applications like PoE are permitted in public plenum spaces, so there is almost no limitation to the locations you may connect to.

Most, if not all our offered network connectible devices are capable of receiving their power over Ethernet.

  • Supports stable 37 V / 12.95 W after cable power dissipation
  • Compatible with Cat cabling from Category 3 upwards
  • Future standards will allow for higher current up to 2000 mA

Compatible devices include
  • VoIP phones
  • IP cameras including pan–tilt–zoom cameras
  • Wireless access points
  • IPTV decoders
  • Network routers

Take advantage of reduced cabling and increased device feedback. Power over Ethernet is the only power solution where possible feedback on connection loss is inbuilt. Your network can figuratively power any connected low voltage device - and you can keep your electrical sockets free of clutter.



The huge diversity of available devices and operating systems poses a security risk for every network. If your network contains sensible data or if you simply want to protect your connected clients, an added configurable hardware firewall will guard you against unauthorised access and unscheduled outgoing connections.

Regardless if you operate a connected POS system, manage your accounting on a network computer or have clients that conduct credit card payments over their devices - these are potential targets of currently circulating malware and will remain so.

A dedicated firewall not only protects your networks clients from each other, it also supervises connections to the internet and application-specific data to ensure legitimate actions and connections.


Multiplexing is the art of connecting spare network resources such as land-lines. Provide your networks with the necessary speed to support large numbers of customers and employees within your network.

A typical 200 Mbit land line connection will allow stable video or music streaming for about 20-40 clients, depending on the resolution. Multiplexing allows you to combine the 200 Mbit line with others, supporting far more clients, providing a better experience.

With expanding internet infrastructure the next video transmission standard, already adopted by the entertainment industry, is 4K. This also means that videos and other visual data from popular web-sources such as Facebook or Youtube will become available in this format.
Given that most devices auto-select the video resolution according to available network resources, a modicum of 20 to 40 simultaneous users in your network could clog up a 200 Mbit connection.

Multiplexing is your way around this problem as it allows to distribute client requests uniformly over multiple connections in order to provide the best possible experience for the networks clients.

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