Multi-Room Audio Setups

  • Control up to eight sources and eight zones
  • Control individual zones or set profiles
  • Fully controllable through Android and IOS app or through a range of Control Panels
  • Enjoy music anywhere in your house
  • Wired and wireless Speakers

Home Cinema Installations

  • TV and projector setups
  • Cinema room design and consulting
  • Cinema furniture
  • Wide range of surround sound setups
  • Video game console and game computer integration

Outdoor Speakers & Subwoofers

  • Scaleable accoustic design to fit any environment
  • Stylish equipment that blends in seemlessly with its surroundings
  • High end equipment solutions

Wireless Speaker Systems

  • High-end portable speakers
  • Multi-Room integration
  • Only original products

Planning & Design

Get advice by our experts about how and where to place your entertainment system for the best possible result in any given space.

Installations & Refurbishments

Find trust in our team and partners to install your concept in perfect detail to fit your vision. Have previously owned equipment inspected and serviced.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Preventive maintenance contracts to guarantee longevity on all products provided by Nodus Technologies. Feel the need to upgrade an existing system? search no longer. we are who you were looking for.

Furniture & Accesories

Chose from a range of home cinema furniture and accessories to achieve an authentic cinema feeling in your living room.

Planning & Design

artwork © Lumbania Design

If the mission is the designing of a cinema room or complex equipment setups, our specialists will assist you accordingly. In connection with our partners in interior design (Lumbania, Star lab Industries) we never cease to amaze our clients with spotless modern designs.

All designs are developed with everyday use and ease of maintenance in mind - for a lifetime of joy.

artwork © Starlab Industries

The installation of a permanent audio or video system is strongly influenced by trust. Trust into the contractor, the equipment and future compatibility of your system. We agree on this point and support it with brands that show excellent support structures and long lasting warranties of up to 10 years. Equipment supplied by Nodus Technologies comprises the industry leaders in their respective fields at most competitive rates.

Installations & Refurbishments

If you can plug it into an electric socket, we can install it! With over 20 years of experience in consumer and commercialized electronic installations we continue to aim for excellence and measure success in client satisfaction.

Do bear in mind though that new builds will almost always be cheaper than refurbishments. By planning your conduit system with Nodus Technologies you keep your installation future-proof for a lifetime.

Refurbishments with Nodus Technologies include a complete overhaul of your current system, exchange of faulty parts and upgrades of system critical components to current security standards.

Your choice of parts is neigh unlimited - from entry level gear to what our clients call "the James Bond Stuff".

All audio/video equipment supplied by Nodus Technologies is subject to two years or manufacturer warranty. For selected products warranty times can be extended up to 10 years with the Nodus Care Program.

Building and fire safety standards are matched to European and Canadian norms.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Maintaining Electronics In High Humidity Environments
All electronics need a little care once in a while. We make sure that your electronic devices are well maintained and always up to their task. Contact us with a maintenance contract request to get more information on this matter.

Holiday homes usually have long periods of vacancy. Regular check-ups and run-times will increase your electronics lifetime significantly and will identify ingress by flora or fauna at an early stage when maintenance can prevent lasting damage.
Rental properties on the other hand require their maintenance to guarantee uptime and identify faults caused by tenants. Have our professionals diagnose your systems and minimise downtimes.

Upgrading Equipment Components
Do you feel the need to upgrade an older device? In many cases it is possible. Let us know what you need and we give our best to find compatible equipment for your existing setup.

Furniture & Accesories

Do you remember the excitement as a child when you entered a cinema? The smell of freshly made popcorn, the comfortable chairs, your favourite movie on the silver screen. We are able to reproduce these memories with a wide range of home cinema equipment and accessories.

If it is a vintage looking Popcorn machine or a luxurious Cinema seat. Contact us for more detailed informations on available products.

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