Dedicated Audio Power Stations

Aesthetics, Power & Reliability - combined in one shell

The amplifiers and speakers supplied by Nodus Technologies Co., Ltd. fulfil the highest demands to audio equipment. Quality components and long lasting warranty times are a must for a product to enter our catalogue. You can integrate these products into your home or business with peace of mind and the backup of an excellent support structure.

Nodus Technologies is your local Partner on Koh Phangan for branded Amplifiers and Speakers. We currently offer products of the following manufacturers:

  • AtlasSound
  • AudioControl
  • Bowers & Wilkins
  • Definitve Technology
  • Elac
  • Gepco
  • KEF
  • Liberty Wire & Cable
  • REL
  • Rotel
  • Russound
  • Sonance
  • West Penn Wire
  • Wireworld

If you're looking for a new power house or plan to expand your system, we have excellent choices at hand. In-door, Out-door, rack-mountable or bookshelf - catering to Audiophiles in the Gulf of Thailand since 2009.

Multi-channel Amplifiers

The multi-channel amplifiers in our product range are hand selected to provide superior compatibility with multi-room systems and years of excellent service. Almost any desired configuration is possible by chaining amplifiers or bridging channels.

Stereo Amplifiers

Though our selection of stereo amplifiers works well as stand-alone power house for a stereo system, they also can expand multi-zone systems where the need for more power arises.

Ample Features

Auto-sensing Inputs

Most of our amplifiers are fitted with auto-sensing line inputs. When in incoming audio signal is detected, your amplifier will turn on, and return into standby mode once the input source stops transmitting.

12V Trigger Controls

Not only can our amplifiers be switched on by controllers through the inbuilt 12V trigger. They may also propagate the signal to other connected devices such as channel specific sources.

Bridgeable Outputs

If you require even more power than the amps deliver in their standard channels, you can bridge channels for a higher Watt output with the same impedance.


Most of our equipment is rack-mountable so you can keep it at a dedicated well ventilated place, and even out of sight. We supply wall-mounted or free standing racks for all installations.

Multi-channel Amplifiers

Audio amplifiers are the muscle behind every music system. With our current product line-up we can deliver work horses with up to 16 separate channels per amp. Powerful and cool running digital amplifiers that integrate seamlessly and provide astonishing fidelity.

Multi-channel Amplifier Manufacturers


Stereo Amplifiers

Dual channel amplifiers designed to add high quality, high powered stereo amplification to any audio system. Either used stand-alone or to add power or speakers to large zones or outdoor areas.

Stereo Amplifier Manufacturers

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