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Distributed & Multi-zone Audio Setups

Music in every room has never been easier

Fully controllable music distribution to every corner of your home or venue in legendary reliability, simplicity, and sound quality made possible with the industry leading products of Russound™ and AudioControl™. Available for 4-8Ω Hi-Fi as well as commercial 70V/100V systems and highly scalable from the minimum of 2 zones up to a maximum of 48 zones. All controllers allow for Line out signal and the implementation of further amplifiers to cater to larger rooms or outdoor zones.

You'll also find our Multi-room audio compatible to a fair number of home control systems such as: Control4, RTI, URC, Fibaro, Compass Control and others. Plenty of options allow you the integration of a paging system such as your door bell or telephone as well as user connectivity devices like streamers or Bluetooth receivers. You may also keep control of all source devices you already possess through routed IR outputs. In fact, you can even add additional controllers should you decide to add more zones to your system at a later point. Whatever your requirement, the interconnectivity of our Multi-zone systems will keep up.

With warranty times up to 5 years, these systems are built to last. For added consumer protection a Certified Installer Program guarantees you to receive new and genuine products with a traceable chain to the manufacturer.

Entry level to professional - We got you covered!

Your move to distributed multi-zone audio does not have to be expensive. A smaller system may perfectly suit your needs given that they are expandable and in most cases can be fitted with line-out amplifiers to boost power in one or more zones.

  • Entry level 4 - 8 zones
  • Intermediate 6 - 36 zones
  • Professional 8 - 48 zones

Control - from anywhere

A multitude of available keypads, a LCD touch-screen, a learning remote control as well a mobile app provide you with plenty of options for full control over your audio system.
Your source devices may be controlled as well through routed IR ports.

Need more power?

All controllers provide at least one line out port to utilise a separate amplifier for a larger zone with more than two speakers.
These amplifiers can also be daisy chained, giving you power where you need it.

Expansion Devices

Expand your existing Russound system by adding a streaming device and Bluetooth receiver antenna. Either stream your on-line library or let your mobile apps be the source. If connected, any of your mobiles sound output will be routed to your speakers. The streamer and Bluetooth antenna are Apple AirPlay compatible.

Integrate your favourite streaming service

If you haven't purchased your controller with an inbuilt streamer - not a problem!
With the simple addition of a XSource Streaming Audio Player you provide your multi-room installation with the possibility of accessing Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, vTuner, DLNA and Apple Airplay.

Add your Bluetooth sources

Enjoy wireless music? Any Nodus Multi-room system may be fitted with a Bluetooth antenna to allow connecting your mobile device. Outfit your favorite zones with Bluetooth receiver and never plug a cable again.

Apple AirPlay ready!

Once connected to your Apple device, our multi-zone controllers allow you access to your iTunes library without additional configuration. Compatibility is our main concern - so you can add to your system, instead of changing it.

Connect local music libraries

All of the digital controllers on offer allow you to connect to a local file server (computer) or network storage device (NAS) to provide you with an easy way of integrating your existing music library.

A-BUS Audio Distribution / Simple Multi-zone

A-BUS is so fundamentally different from traditional audio distribution that it is difficult to compare. However, given that A-BUS sends its audio signal over Cat5 Ethernet cable it is substantially easier to install wiring when compared to a controller/amplifier setup, and traditional amplifiers may be added for large rooms or outdoor zones.

A central hub will distribute your audio signal to attached volume control keypads, which in turn contain the actual amplifier circuit, where you may connect your speakers or take advantage of a line out option to utilise an amplifier if you need to drive more than two speakers.
Bluetooth and/or RCA source connections can also be added with every amplified keypad in the A-BUS system.

A-BUS systems gain their advantage through the line signal transmission and the extremely short speaker wire distances, so they may not be suitable in locations where you can't place the volume control nearby. A-BUS systems may be scaled up almost indefinitely though the available keypads sadly only allow management of six simultaneous zones and sources.

New installations

If you plan on installing a multi-zone audio system contact us early enough to plan the conduit system. Not only will maintenance and upgrades be much easier, you also ensure the necessary precautions when running data wire and AC/DC in the same space.

When planning a new system there are lots of things to consider. If you happen to know the intended sources and can provide a plan of your property our sound engineers can assist you by drawing up the most viable options.

A wide array of wall plates, volume controls and speaker grills will let you customise your system even further. Wall mountable or free standing ventilated equipment racks are supplied for all Nodus installations and keep the technical parts out of sight. In black or white that is.

Commercial 70V/100V Controllers

With the launch of the new 70V/100V light commercial line, Nodus is offering an innovative new mixer amp with a built-in XStream™ streaming audio source for a powerful 300-watt, 1U single-box solution.

While designed primarily for the light commercial industry, we are also fully aware that these new additions to our product assortment are also an ideal solution for providing sound to large outdoor areas in residential installations. With their simplifed wiring requirements, ease of expansion, and full integration with any other XStream™ Series product from Nodus, they’ll soon become your go-to solution for light commercial operations and for covering all of your outdoor areas even in residential projects.

Controllable with ALEXA®

  • Powerful 300W Amplifier
  • Inbuilt Music Streamer
  • High Res Audio Support up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • App Or Touch-screen Control
  • Built-In High Pass Filter
  • Integrated Mic Input With Ducking And Support For Phantom Power
  • Single Unit (1U) Chassis With Various Mounting Options

Longer And Fewer Lines!

High Impedance (Constant Voltage) systems allow for far greater distances to and between your speakers before power loss occurs. Not only can you run your speaker wire for 2 kilometres or more, everything is wired in parallel so you only need a single wire!

More Coverage With Mono!

Because commercial systems are made to cover large areas, a sweet spot as in a home stereo installation rarely exists. To guarantee better audio quality and coverage for large zones these systems play in Mono with little or no signal cancellation.

Different Power Levels Per Area!

Due to easy accessible tap-settings you can choose the wattage a speaker pulls from the system. So you can play background music on 7.5 Watt in some areas while blasting with 60 Watt in others.

Rugged Construction!

Russound has over 40 years of experience constructing outdoor speakers. Titanium tweeters, injection-molded polypropylene woofers and brass connectors will provide you long lasting joy with your Russound system.

8Ω Indoors, 70V Outdoors!

The incredible versatility of Russound systems makes it possible for you to power your outdoor areas as they were intended to. Drive your house with a powerful 8Ω system capable of running surround sound for your cinema, and your outdoor areas with a dedicated 70V system. If needed, route the same audio signal through all zones and run the systems in unison.

Almost no limits, but all the fun!

XZone4 Controller

XZone4 commercial multi-zone controller frontside. 4-8 zones with inbuilt streaming solutions. XZone4 commercial multi-zone controller backside. 4-8 zones with inbuilt streaming solutions.
4-zone controller with 4 inbuilt streamers. Ideal for shared spaces like sales-rooms or clinics with multiple doctors offices.

XZone70v Amplifier

300W 70V/100V Amplifier with microphone input and phantom power support. Inbuilt music streamer, rack mountable, Integrable as a zone with Russound controllers.

AW70V6 Speakers

70V/100V Outdoor speaker with multiple power tap settings. Extremely durable materials for speakers, brass connectors and rust free aluminium grille.

ALT-70V-50 Volume Control

70V/100V 50W volume control dimmer switch. 5 years warranty.

Possible Combinations

4 x 60W

2 x 60W 4 x 30W

4 x 30W 8 x 15W

These are just a few possible combinations of the Russound 70V/100V solution. Every site is different, every application custom - we will help you to plan your acoustics no matter the occasion.

The proposed combinations leave 20% or 60 Watt headroom on the amplifier to prevent clipping on peaks. Clipping will translate into sharply terminated signal which will break the speaker over time. It occurs when amplifiers do not bring enough power to bear on sound peaks, on home HiFi systems and commercial ones alike.

Be advised that you will gain better coverage and a more even soundscape through the placement of more speakers on lower watt settings than by placing fewer speakers with high wattage.

Prices do not include tax or labour.

Multi-zone or Multi-room?

There is one important question to answer. Does one person need to able to influence the system from one location? If your answer is yes, then you probably have a commercial use in mind and our line of digital controllers is your best approach. If your answer is no, then the intended use is something like a family house, an A-BUS distributed system will suit your needs just fine.

Either way, we plan all systems in close tie with our clients to maximise satisfaction with the finished product.

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