In-wall, In-ceiling, Bookshelf, Outdoor and Invisible Loudspeakers

Impeccable Sound, no matter the occasion

Loudspeakers made to last a lifetime. Our architect series speakers are made from the most advanced components and deliver unrivalled sound quality while boasting some of the lowest profiles available. High powered Neodymium magnets and advanced Surround and Spider materials allow for ultra efficient speaker designs, impossible just a few years ago.

Blending into the surrounding - indoors and outdoors

Edgeless grilles which can be custom painted or completely invisible speakers make the integration into your home surrounding perfect. Outdoor solutions can either be buried or are designed to blend into your landscape seamlessly.


Respective mounting kits, enclosures and stands are also available for all offered speaker models. As well as a wide range of cables available for any building standard, wall plates and connector plugs.

Installation Service

Nodus Technologies offers installation service for all speakers purchased with us.

Available Speaker brands include:

Available Speaker Series

In-Ceiling Speakers

In-Wall Speakers

Stereo Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

THX™ certified & Surround Speakers

Wall and Ceiling Speakers

These speakers are designed to be installed in your walls or ceiling, perfect for distributed audio. Your speakers are hidden away yet your sound is everywhere.

The speakers are available in a couple of different shapes, round, square and rectangular. Rear enclosures for walls and open ceilings are available as well.

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
Wall-mounted Speakers

Wall-mounted speakers also include THX™ certified home theatre speakers as well as Subwoofers. Both mentioned examples feature powerful low frequency bass drivers - this sadly only permits those speakers to be wall mounted. All other full frequency speakers, no matter the shape could also be mounted in the ceiling.

Ceiling-mounted Speakers

Great to integrate your distributed audio and blend the speakers into the room. Free up your walls for picture frames and furniture and retain superior sound propagation throughout your home. Extremely low speaker profiles allow smaller rear enclosures and fitting into formerly tight spaces.

Bookshelf and Floorstanding Speakers

Traditional boxed speakers in bookshelf and floor-standing variants. Free standing signal sinks to feature as design pieces in your project. When spending money on good speakers you may not want to hide them away. We feature a large array of boxed bookshelf and floor-standing speakers from traditional wooden and metal finishings to hand crafted designer pieces.

  • Supports & Stands
  • Connectors & Wall Plates
  • Cables; 10 - 30 AWG
  • Volume Controls

Most of our upmarket in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are also available in boxed variants. Contact us with your desired brand and model number to find out.

Outdoor Speakers


Designed to blend seamlessly into your construction as well as landscape and still deliver excellent performance. Powerful and ingress protected speakers for continuous outdoor use in extreme environmental conditions. Outdoor speakers feature rugged brass conductors for long lasting superior connections and rust-free aluminium grilles.

High and Low Impedance Speakers and sub-terrain Subwoofers for every conceivable concoction.

  • Sturdy Brass Connectors
  • Rust-free Aluminium Grilles
  • High Humidity Tolerance
  • 8Ω, 70V/100V and combined models available
  • International brands with long warranties

Outdoor speakers are constructed to withstand extreme environments, they are UV, wind and water proof while providing the best possible sound for its build. Outdoor speakers can be placed to visually improve a space or can be completely hidden away to fully merge into their environment. There are numerous classic and modern designs to chose from. If you are planning to hide the speakers, a variation of superb camouflage variations lets you adapt to any landscape. The speakers high versatility allows it to be placed almost any place which isnt submerged in water.

The wiring of our outdoor speakers can also be completely hidden away in your beautiful landscape arrangement. The high durability of said speakers is underlined by long manufacturer warranties.

The positioning of your outdoor speakers can also highly influence the distance at which your music can be heard. Our professionals will assist you in placement and power recommendations for the best experience for you as well as your neighbours.

For large outdoor areas you can assume in general that more speakers on less watt in Mono will give you a far better sound distribution than stereo systems with more watt as there is no fixed sweet spot, essential a stereo system. The sweet spot in this case is where the people are - everywhere. High ceilings can have the same effect on sound dissipation - small numbers of high powered speakers will leave you with blind spots.

Our team will gladly assist you in planning your soundscape.

THX certified and Home Theatre Speakers

Sound performance like you know it from your cinema. The acclaimed sound standard, pioneered by George Lucas, is now available for your home theatre installation. Currently the hottest addition to a serious home theatre installation.

Certified to the THX ULTRA2 standard, supporting 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 speaker systems.

THX recreates the tonal balance of the filmmaker’s final mix in your living room.

Engineered with design characteristics of professional studio speakers.

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