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Home Cinemas and Commercial Video Installations

Nodus Technologies is your professional partner for video projection and video-over-IP distribution Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Easy to use turnkey installations customised to suit your needs and budget.

Exhibition stands, indoor home theatres, workplace enhancement or outdoor viewing area - We have the right video solution for every occasion. With a wide selection of displays and projector/lens combinations diagonal image sizes of 10 metres or more across are no problem.

App controllable video-walls, ambient light sensing projectors, whole-house video distribution - The gadgets and possibilities offered in this field are numerous and specialised. Our engineers will be happy to assist you choosing the best for your operation.


Digital Light Processing technology and 4K resolution - cinema like the professionals. Ultra-sharp contrast and most vibrant colours with a wide variety of lenses from ultra short throw projections of less then one meter to cinematic wide focus lenses with 40 or more meters reach.

Our professionals will find the right projector and lens combination for your project and you may choose from a wide assortment of leading brands.

Specialised business projectors with "white board" feature and mobile auto-adjusting projector units will enhance your work experience and efficiency

Nodus Technologies provides sales and service support for the following projector brands:

Entry Models

Suitable for home cinema and presentations. High resolutions with long lasting lamps in the 3000-4000 Lumen range and standard lenses. Achievable image sizes between 40 and 300 inch diagonal.

Pro Models

Specialised short and long throw lenses, high output lamps up to 8000 Lumen for daytime use and multi-source inputs. All professional projector models are fitted with optical zoom and in some cases environmental light detection to adapt contrast levels.

Business Models

Portable ultra short throw projectors for educational or business use with integrated virtual whiteboard. WiFi connectible and multi-source capable, these projectors make presentations a breeze, in the office, classroom or on the go.

Screens, Displays & TV's

Televisions, computer and security monitors, video-wall screens and outdoor displays - Depending on the application, different kinds of displays bring different advantages and disadvantages to the table.

We will help you choosing the right kind of screen for your project for a long lasting good experience.

As you are probably aware, the choice in displays has exploded over the last years; LED, LCD, Plasma, OLED. Surrounded by a ton of marketing jargon the apparent pros and cons are not always visible or understandable by the consumer.

Our recommendations are strictly based on analysis of our clients given situation and the desired outcome.

Specifically for TV's we carry a wide array of add-ons as well:

  • Android TV Boxes Add the power of a fully blown android computer to your TV! Most operating systems of smart TV's are limited in apps and functionality - loose those constraints with an Android TV Box and enjoy the same versatility as on your phone.
  • 2.1 UltraThin TV Amplifier Need more power from your TV speakers? Add stereo speakers and a subwoofer with our specially designed TV amplifiers. Ultra-slim to be mounted behind flat-screen TV's and implementing a learning remote to control all your devices. Ask us about our TV amplifier range.
  • 5.1 & 7.1 Home Theatres We carry super sweet home cinema systems from KEF with ultra thin speaker series as well as in-wall mounted and completely invisible solutions. And the amplifiers as well.
  • Mounts Stylish and practical solutions to get that electric picture frame to stick on the wall, ceiling, furniture or other structires. These are also available for any of our other products. Things want to be mounted properly.
  • IP TV Looking for Video On Demand (VOD) solutions? We have experience with quite a few service providers and help you choose the right package for you.


Attach TV's, screens and projectors to almost any surface, and even hide them below with retractable and motorised mounts. Single mounts and mount-arrays with up to 24 screens as well as canvas mounts for outdoor projection purposes.

Nodus Technologies offers wall-, ceiling- and post mounts for any device and size.

Single Device Arm Mounts usually have a single arm connecting the mounting and screen end. These are mostly stabilised by gas filled pneumatic cylinders and allow movement in the X and Y directions. When moving the screen to the side it will also move backwards on its Z axis as the connecting arm is not extendible. Device tilt is also possible to regulate; in higher quality mounts this is done by pneumatics, in lower end mounts the tilt angle is set with screw connections. Arm mounts can be installed on any surface as long as the arm supports the desired viewing angle.

Single Device Harmonica Mounts are connected on a harmonica style series of metal hinges. This will allow good movement on the X and Z axis (side to side and back & forth), yet sadly no movement in the Y axis (up & down). Tilt in these mounts is controlled by screw down connections on the device end of the mount. Harmonica mounts are wall-mountable only as their extension mechanism requires gravitational tension to function properly. These mounts are prone to overload damage as the hinges are usually not built to support full extension for extended time periods.

Single Device Tube Mounts are meant to latch onto other structural parts such as tubes or posts. This mounting method is employed when the display has significant weight or the other mentioned mounts cannot be used; i.e.: in the centre of a room. These mounts are exceptionally strong and normally used in industrial settings. The tube work of the stand may also be used to hide away cabling running to and from the display. The higher priced models allow movement of the single displays with screw down locks in the X, Y and Z directions, whereas lower end models may not have the ability as the intended mounting surface is not fixed and intended to be installed where the display is needed.

Multi Device Arm Mount - similar in fashion to their single device counterparts yet fitted with stronger pneumatics to supports the additional weight. Some models also provide lock-screws to lift the strain on the pneumatics which act as lifting support when moving the assembly. If you plan to connect more than 3 displays or if the displays are unusually heavy you may want to consider a:

Multi Device Tube Mount - a literal scaffolding for your screen arrangement. This is the go-to solution for permanently mounted video walls or professional presentations. Structurally sound and adaptable to any surrounding, a multi device tube mount allows for extension and can be mounted anywhere you find an anchor point or weighed down in temporary installations.

Lifting & Retractable Mounts are used when space is at a premium or the design requires so. Devices may be hidden in the ceiling, wall or floor and connected to building automation. These mounts are available with lifting capacities of up to 40 kilogram and can be customised to fit your individual project requirements.


Video Distribution

Everything about the splitting, combination and transmission of video signals. Every video installation has different requirements and transmission of impeccable video data is imperative.

High Definition video signal is becoming a more and more familiar standard in the world of entertainment electronics. 4K recordings, replays and streams will become the new transmission standard, a format already adapted by a fair number of TV channels, sports transmissions and end user electronics.

Talk to us about future proof video distribution installations and home integrations.

Video To IP

As you receive your streams through the internet, they can also be sent along your local network, from any source. By utilizing your existing network structure you may distribute video signals into every corner of your property. 4K video and audio signal distribution is already possible on Gigabit (1 Gb) networks constructed with Cat5e Ethernet cabling on cable lengths of up to 100 meters.

Video To IP is also the favoured method of operating a video wall or other multi display installations. In some cases you will see the marketing term HDBaseT (Base T is the classification of 1Gb capable networks), a Video To IP Technology that also includes Power Over Ethernet for devices with a power draw of up to 100W. This will allow you to power most of your connected devices from a central location without the need for an additional cable.

The HDBaseT standard is furthermore supported by large electronics manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony and others, so your future entertainment devices are bound to talk and understand HDBaseT.

Our Design Partners

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