Client Beta

Become a tester for Nodus applications! Gain access to Nodus bonuses and other great stuff. Including development-assistent-rewards if your contribution borders on work.

Ownership of specific devices (PC,tablet,mobile,etc) with certain operating systems (Win,OSX,Linux,Android,iOS,etc) may be required.

Currently we are looking for beta testers in Thailand. If you own a Android Device 4.4+ or a Chromebook you can apply.

Device Beta

Gain access to our great devices before anybody else and have the chance to shape their development as beta tester. To apply you must own and/or operate a legal business.

Device Beta testers are frequently interviewed for feedback on the tested device and gathered experience will be included in ongoing development.

Device testers also receive drastic discounts on all Nodus products as well as free advertisement accross the global Nodus network.

Currently we take applications for Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

To apply

simply contact us and make a case for you being beta tester. If you are an individual it helps if you know your way around electronic gadgets, if you represent a business tell us how you will get the most use out of our products.