Attract New Visitors - Gain Free Advert Space

Engage And Captivate Your Guests To Stay Longer

Gain Relevant Data On Your Patrons Preferences

Generate Additional Revenue And Unique Feedback

You participate!

Engage your guests and patrons in a unique yet traditional way. The NODUS Wireless Audio Entertainment System behaves like a Jukebox, configurable to your specific needs.

Let the device manage your audio entertainment autonomously or control it through any web capable device.

If hosting a party with friends or organising a theme based evening in your venue, The NODUS A.E.S. will improve your guests experience.

Plugged into your router, the NODUS A.E.S. will provide its service throughout your Wireless Network. Every visitor with a web capable device such as a smartphone will be able to search through the pool of music you allowed and wish for songs to play on their own. A queue, visible to all, informs participants when their wishes are about to play.

Configuration options include the possible songs to wish for, repetition rate of songs, waiting time for clients/participants after wishing, autoplay settings for autonomous operation, playlist management and lots more.

The NODUS A.E.S. has been designed for operation in commercial surroundings such as Bars, Restaurants and Hotels and allows for full control of all audio entertainment through the administrator.

Contact us to find your nearest retailer or showcase.

You design!

For commercial customers we offer custom integrations by NODUS SYSTEMS which may include things like electronic menu and order systems, custom network integrations, scaled up versions for large venues, plugin development to enable custom connections such as motors and sensors, and more.

Contact us or request a callback for commercial applications beyond the native capabilities of the NODUS A.E.S.

Tech Specs:

  • CPU ARM-8 quad-core
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 5V/2000mAh Power Usage
  • Analog & Digital Audio Output
  • 1 G-bit LAN Connection


The new model introduced mid 2016 will have integrated Wireless and Bluetooth capabilities.


  • Initial Price (hardware, setup, 1y. service)$285 US / 9990 THB
  • Yearly Service & Gurantee Fee $129 US / 4499 THB

Schedule music entertainment with a handy weekday planer

Serve your own advertisement to participants

Allow guests to play music freely or from a limited pool

Brand the client to suit your corporate identity

Attract and keep patrons

The NODUS A.E.S. will soon have powerful support by apps for iOS as well as Android.
The app will alert users from afar when they approach your venue. An online profile will let NODUS A.E.S. owners provide information, images, and other information such as opening times, menu, special offers.

A GPS guided map will anounce your location and provide information on what the NODUS A.E.S. is playing. Details will reveal your profile and public transport information for the app user to get there.

Furthermore will the app connect the user to the NODUS A.E.S. as soon as the hosting wireless network has been joined.

Announce your message

Schedule ads of your own making to be served to participating guests. Events, happy hours, daily specials, hourly messages, riddles or quests, or you might even be able to sell your possible advert space.

Become part of the global network and select those of your ads which are supposed to go global.

A planned update will also allow former patrons to reconnect to you and follow the played music and playlists.

The NODUS A.E.S. is already packed with features, and tons more are planned for the future. If you would like to partake in the design and development you may apply for our Dev-User program. To make your case please contact us and explain why your place would be perfect for our Audio Entertainment System. Greatly reduced fees for hardware and service as well free product updates are also part of the Dev-User program. Regular improvement interviews will then incorporate your feedback into the future development plan of A.E.S. features and plugins.