Network Installations

  • Wired and wireless networks setups for private or commercial use
  • Equipment supply, cabling works and system set-up
  • Local Data-server, POS-server, DNS-server, VPN, Ad-Server & Ad-Blocker integrations

Network Diagnostics

  • Wireless radio diagnostics
  • Cabling error diagnostics
  • Environmental dead-zone detection
  • Intrusion detection and penetration tests

Network Maintenance

  • On- & off-site server maintenance (Linux, OpenBSD, Win)
  • Permission based access setups for sensitive data
  • Commercial Hotspot contracts with on-site support
  • WiFi & Ethernet standard upgrades for new and existing systems
  • Firmware & software upgrades for network components

Network Equipment

  • All major brands available; Cisco®, Juniper®, etc.
  • Firewalls and switches
  • Routers and access points
  • Cables and wireless bridges
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Cabinets and server racks


The set-up of new networks or the expansion of existing ones. We help you to choose appropriate hardware, identify bottlenecks and manage users.


Installation service is available for any product purchased with Nodus Technologies. It also is advantageous to fit new buildings during construction.


Have your product and/or installation maintained by capable hands. Service contracts are available for almost all products distributed by Nodus Technologies.


We supply spare parts for all our products and other highly specialised equipment such as customised AWS instances or panorama video cameras.

Planning & concept works

Need to plan your network before building? Are you battling with tough environmental or architectural problems? Or simply need a reliable business network?

We work in close relationship with architects, contractors and our clients to realise their projects.

Our systems and concepts work on a modular basis to minimise maintenance and upgrade costs. This future-proofs the installation as simple additions or component upgrades allow continued use through all coming networking standards and protocols.

All used active components are branded, traceable equipment with the use of open source software, providing you the highest standard in quality and security available.

Installations & Refurbishments

Office networks and smart home wiring. From installations of new networks to overhauls or upgrades of existing ones.
Utilise the power of networks, whether you want to join devices, access the internet or landline, receive your tv programs or access your security system. Properly set up networks minimise security risks and maximise data throughput, all the while they're even able to transport currents of up to 37 Volt at ~200 mA.

Network installations are sensible in most environments. A cable connection is far more stable than wireless, uses less electricity, is safer and is in general always faster than wireless could be. Less wireless clients also means better performance for the remaining devices as less noise sources pollute the wireless.
Furthermore, all services formerly transported to you over multiple cables (internet, phone, tv, radio) will migrate into the internet connection, the more bandwith becomes available. When building new, or renovating you might want to consider connectivity of smart devices or soon to be smart electronics. Such as fridges, stoves, kettles, toilets, door locks and lights. Those are just examples and the list surely grows as time passes.

Office & Business

Smart Homes

Security Systems

Long Range Wireless Bridges

Maintenance & Upgrades

Networks as all other tools require some maintenance depending on the grade of their use. Communication standards are renewed frequently, threats constantly evolve and humans will stay part of the process in the foreseeable future as well. Regardless if an internet connection exists or unknown computers have access, when handling sensitive data such as identity or financial information you are at risk. Nobody needs to be after you, you may simply become a casualty in a mass bot-net attack that saw an open door.

Nodus Technologies offers: replacement and upgrades of broken and outdated system components, up-to-date firewall configurations, error and benchmark diagnosis and other services dedicated to keep your network running.

Supply & Retail

Should you require equipment without further services of Nodus Technologies you may contact our sales department with a "retail request".

We do supply almost any brand directly except Samsung™ and Apple™. Manufacturer guarantee applies all cases.

Shipping within Thailand is either directly delivered by Nodus Technologies (or a subsidiary of Nodus Technologies), or EMS. International shipping shall be either DHL™ or UPS™.

  • 3 years or manufacturer warranty
  • Insured delivery
  • Highly specialised equipment
  • Cisco Systems®
  • Juniper Networks®
  • LinkSys®
  • Belkin®
  • TP-Link®
  • Netgear®
  • Realtek®
  • RS®
  • Link®
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