Smart Homes

Dwellings of the future

Call on your house to do the chores

Managing your environmental controls, household appliances, garden care, pets and more - home automation systems have come a long way since their beginnings as hacker projects.
Any room or area of your choice and almost any electronic device may be integrated into your individual smart home.

We at Nodus Technologies have been involved in enough builds and refurbishments to know that a home automation platform needs to be future proof, widely compatible and have excellent support. Which is why we base our installations on the open source package OpenHab.

It runs on Windows, OSX and Linux environments and allows the fusion of all other available home automation protocols in one powerful and completely customisable platform.


These hubs are your main control units for your smart home. They come in bookshelf versions to be placed in sight, as well as architect versions that can be hidden away within your construction or equipment room/cabinet.

Although the hubs are your central processing units, they may be scaled up near endlessly with dedicated expansion cards. What isn't compatible from the shelf can be connected through added input/output cards.

You can choose this unit almost freely between Intel, AMD and ARM based CPUs. Even though Linux is our preferred operating system, an OpenHab instance will run on almost any OS.


Peripherals include any sensor, reader, display or actor that can be connected to your smart home installation. They can be divided in three major categories:

Gathering Data: sensors and cameras to capture real world impressions and data.

Processing Data: connectors and translation modules for sensor data.

Acting on Data: motors, servos, robots and relays that implement automated actions.

With sensors you will be able to start training your house to remember your preferences and act in a supporting manner.

Contact us for an overview or tell us about your intended peripherals, we can check for compatibility.

Cabling Works

Smart homes do require quite a bit of cabling. Not everything can nor should it be done over wireless connections. Nodus Technologies provides future-proof cabling works for the interconnected homes and businesses.

Cables provided by Nodus Technologies comply with international safety and fire hazard standards and contain full tested and certified conductors. Installation work on structures and open areas is compliant with European standards if not requested otherwise.


Wall plates

As much as we can hide the majority of your smart homes functional parts, the control interfaces need to be accessible to the inhabitants. Also possible inputs and outputs that connect your devices and entertainment electronics. And probably electric outlets as well...

No worries, we got you covered. Nodus Technologies offers a huge range of controllers and possible wall plates in a multitude of finishes to integrate nicely into your existing structures.

Supported Home Automation Platforms

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