Wireless Networks

Over the air data connections

Today almost all end-consumer devices utilise a wireless connection to gain access to the internet. Powerful wireless equipment is more important than ever before as the number of connectible devices increases every day.

As the older 2.4 GHz frequency band becomes quite crowded, a newer standard at 5 GHz with more available channels has been implemented. Though the 5 GHz standard allows more networks to coexist in the same space, its shorter wavelength requires it to have more antennae to reliably cover the same area as 2.4 GHz networks. This is known to the end-user as Mesh Network.

Have a chat with our professionals about your proejct in order to utilise the best available network combination.


Wireless routers comprise the gateway to the internet for 99% of us. Properly configurable equipment will allow you a much finer control over the management of said connection.

Preconfigured routers from your internet service provider are designed to provide single households with maintenance free connections. This also means they come with serious limitations as to not disturb your neighbours network which runs they same factory configured hardware. With these presets the management of hundreds of thousands of broadband customers becomes easy, yet quite often individual requirements to wireless networks surpass out-of-the-box solutions.

With the purchase of a quality wireless router you also gain access to other sensible features not included in standard models, such as Quality of Service rules or multiple SSID broadcast possibilities.

If you have sensitive data within your network you may want to think about a small enterprise router with inbuilt firewall. Cisco, Juniper and Linksys are our trusted partners for network security, covering a wide range of models for every business type.

A proper router also does not have to have WiFi, instead you can rely on:

Access Points

Access points let you expand your wireless network under the same name with the same login requirements. Save yourself and your guests the hustle of multiple networks with different passwords and gain the possibility of managing your whole network at once.

Access points are available in numerous configurations for indoor and outdoor applications and can even be powered over the same cable they use to connect to the network. Dual module access points don't even need a cable connection. They pick up your original network and repeat it over their second wifi module.



฿ 4,400.00 5 years warranty
  • Endless Scalability Via Added AP Controller
  • Low-cost indoor access points, individually expandable through AP controller.
  • 2x2 MU-MIMO (Multi User - Multiple Input Multiple Output) support
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Compatible

Small Business


฿ 7,300.00 5 years warranty
  • Endless Scalability Via Added AP Controller
  • Cluster Up To 8 APs Without Controller
  • Up To 16 Multiple SSIDs & 128 Active Clients
  • Wireless LAN Multiplexing - 2x2 Spatial Streams.
  • 2x 2x2 MU-MIMO (Multi User - Multiple Input Multiple Output) support
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Compatible

Medium-sized Enterprise

WAP571E-H-K9 (outdoor)

฿ 15,300.00 5 years warranty
  • Endless Scalability Via Added AP Controller
  • Cluster Up To 16 APs Without Controller
  • Up To 32 Multiple SSIDs & 200 Active Clients
  • Real-time Ananlytics & Security Monitoring
  • Designed For High-density Environments
  • Cloud Manageable
  • Up To 10 internal Antennae
  • Wireless LAN Multiplexing - 3 Spatial Streams.
  • 3x3 MU-MIMO (Multi User - Multiple Input Multiple Output) support
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Compatible

TOT, 3BB or CAT customer? Don't change your router, simply add an access point for the heavy lifting!
30%-40% less cost in average, compared to router models of the same capability.

Customised Captive Portals

Safety First!

Client separation and customised firewalls prevent cross-client intrusions.

Abusive and idle client connections are limited or severed.

Intelligent Quality of Service rules guarantee critical connections.

Powered by LINUX

Ease of Use!

Staff and residents may be easily added to a white-list via MAC-address, while guests are presented with an intuitive one-button solution to access your network.

A file location of your choice will be queried to populate the advertisements on your access points. Simple naming rules determine the adverts run times and termination date.

Reacts on any requested language as long as an advert is provided. Default fallback is english.


The Nodus Advanced Hotspot technology is easy scalable in any direction as it is built on sturdy Linksys platforms.

Antennae and additional Hotspots in the 2.4 and 5 GHz may be added at any time.

Detailed Analytics about user behaviour, requested language, approximate location, requested urls, usage times and more.

Optional DNS server integration allows for Manipulated Web Experience. A network-wide advert blocking and/or advert-exchange service that will save you about a third of your traffic in adverts - freeing up effective bandwidth for clients.

Nodus Advanced Hotspots can be added to any existing network infrastructure.


Most mid-level and enterprise wireless equipment allows you to connect after-market antennae to adjust the radiation patterns. With standard omnidirectional antennae the optimal placement for wireless routers and access points would be the installations centre point. This is not always possible and would waste a lot of power for signal distribution into unused areas.

Several different antenna types allow you to adjust the radiation patterns to cover your property with maximum efficiency and minimal interference to neighbouring networks.

Antennae are available for any environmental surrounding from indoor use to casings withstanding extreme heat & pressure, acidic & flammable conditions as well as ingress of water and solids.

If you need to cover a distance of more than 100 metres consider a Point-to-Point Bridge.

Spread your coverage not your devices! Applicable in residential buildings, hospitality operations, gated communities, industrial areas and anywhere else you'd need WiFi.

Point-to-Point Bridges

Though wireless bridges require line of sight they are able to cover incredible distances of 100 kilometres or more. This method is especially advantageous in rural or impassable areas where large amounts of data need to be conveyed.

These high gain wireless antennae usually have quite large receptor dishes to counter signal dissipation during rain. The upper range models will also have a separate dedicated transmission dish and standard transfer rates between bridges currently surpass Gigabit Ethernet capabilities.

Combine up to 4 different channels from the 2.4, 3, 4, 5 or 11 GHz spectrum per antenna for fail-safe data transmissions. TX and RX channels may chosen with absolute freedom as not to interfere with local wireless radio installations.

Point to Point bridges are a valid alternative to expensive micro-trenching in urban areas as well as an optimal substitute for long lines in rural areas as they offer minimal radio pollution with higher throughput than conventional copper conductors - only a fibre optics installation would be faster.

Mobile Carrier Grade Backhaul Rates & More Than That!

AF-2X AF-3X AF-4X AF-5X AF-11X
Range 200+ km 200+ km 200+ km 200+ km 300+ km
Frequency 2.4 GHz 3 GHz 4 GHz 5 GHz 11 GHz
Throughput 500+ Mbps 500+ Mbps 500+ Mbps 500+ Mbps 1200+ Mbps
The most cost effective data backhaul option in rural and inner-city areas. Scalability of coverage easily overcomes the hurdles of wired installations.

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