Access Control Systems

Authorise and record access to sensitive areas

Keys were yesterday

When talking access control, simple key locks have seen their best days long ago. To provide a somewhat secure solution access control, like the internet, builds on two or three factor authentications. Combine multiple authentication methods such as fingerprints, facial or retina scans, key cards, RFID modules and keys for near foolproof access control and record interactions coupled to your video surveillance.

Provide your employees with convenient access or visitors with time limited keys - the possible applications reach from home use to any industry that needs to manage access of different user groups.

Keypads, Readers & Sensors

Extremely durable readers and sensors with stable performance for heavy duty applications. Sensor data may be integrated as video overlay in your surveillance video. Sensors containing cameras may be integrated as independent security camera into your system.


Electronic strike release units from the same manufacturers as the rest of your security system. Highest quality components with the same guarantees and warranties as your main system give peace of mind and a convenient support structure.

Some locks are even fitted with a key override in case you worry about power outages. However, for strictly electronic locking mechanisms we supply Uninterupted Power Supplies to guarantee their working order during brown- and blackouts.

Interconnection in modern homes and workplaces is crucial. There would be little advantage in integrating systems for security, entertainment and management if they wouldn't work together.

A huge choice of connection gateways ensures that wherever you start your improvements you'll maintain the added convenience. This enables you to propagate access related paging data on your existing distributed audio system to all enabled zones that are not actively labelled as "do not disturb".

Facial recognition may allow access to your family and friends as well as notify you when unknown people are present.

Control Units

The centrepiece of your access control system and connection to the rest of your security setup. These units are available in architect series to be hidden away or desktop series to be installed at a workstation.

The control units allow full access to connected features through network access from preconfigured computers. Add on modules for general Input/Output communication allow the integration of third party and custom sensors and data.

Security controllers supplied by Nodus Technologies are fully integrable with the building automation and management systems supported by us. You can still maintain a state of the art security system but have it seamless blend into your management platform.

Most branded security manufacturers supply a way to communicate with modern automation protocols. Contact us with the model number and brand of your system if you're unsure.

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