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More than simple recordings

Take advantage of tomorrows security features today. Advanced processing and camera chips bring the latest advances in security technology to entry level systems. Detect zone and line crossings, recognise faces and couple them with your key or card based access control for added security, react on object removals with automated actions - Security systems from Nodus Technologies include next generation features at entry and mid-level prices.

Superior ingress protection, high quality camera sensors, tamper-proof transmission, integrated power solutions and long warranty times are all to be expected from internationally renown brands - We also offer custom data overlays for advanced information regarding the recorded actions such as POS transactions or automated production data. Not just to add security, but to integrate it into your system.

Alarms, access control, audio and video distribution and other customised features may be combined with any surveillance option to create a fully integrated security system. Switch on the lights and sound an audio alarm after your system has been triggered, or start some music once a rightful owner has deactivated the system. The possibilities are neigh endless.

Surveillance Cameras

Nodus Technologies offers a wide choice of security cameras. All from international renown manufacturers and all compatible with the ONVIF transmission standard.

If IP or coaxial camera, bullet or dome, motorised or panoramic view. We have cameras for every field of expertise. Number plate, facial recognition and infra-red options are available too.

Cameras can be combined to suit your individual project rather than trying to make due with a standard set. Extreme conditions, viewing angles or light conditions in some places do not require you to purchase the same cameras for your other zones.

Network Cameras

Connected via LAN cable, powering the device via the same cable is possible.

Analog Cameras

Connected via Coaxial cable, needs separate power line @ 12V.

Thermal Cameras

Infra-red and bi-spectrum cameras to detect heat signatures.


Pan-Tilt-Zoom. Cameras with outstanding agility and optical zoom.

Recorders & Storage

When surveying with cameras you want a reliable, out of reach storage solution. As handy as they are, memory cards do not fit the bill. The possibilities of corruption are too numerous and access may not always be convenient. Instead we would recommend a dedicated storage device that was purpose built and includes an uninterrupted power supply to minimise data loss and maximise data security.

Digital (DVR) and Network (NVR) video recorders come with integrated software to secure your data on site and relay it if needed to a remote server. These devices also manage your remote access into your local network and recordings. It pays off to employ professional solutions with regular firmware updates as cyber threats continue to grow, otherwise you are merely shifting your blind spot.

Recorders are configured to support either 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 incoming streams. If you have higher requirements we recommend software solutions on dedicated computers.

PoE Solutions

Power over Ethernet provides the convenience of not only transmitting video, sound and data signals through your network but also low voltage power to the connected devices, eliminating the need for additional power supplies or cables.

Power can either be supplied by your Network video recorder, in-line PoE injectors or powered network switches.

Take advantage of the superior performance and capabilities of IP based systems and reduce the number of components at the same time. In some cases you may be able to utilise existing Cat5e smart home wiring in your property.



Data and video transmission require the highest cable standards. Impeccable conductors, proper shielding and quality termination connectors are a must when installing video and data transmission alongside AC/DC and other wiring in homes and workplaces.

We stock plenum and riser cable and according terminators for almost any use.

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