Customised Server Side Applications

  • Move your business applications into the cloud
  • Control user permissions and log activity
  • Scale your system with your requirements

Mobile Applications

  • Porting your idea into a mobile application can give
    you unrivaled access into a users interconnectivity
  • Utilise features added through mobiles like accelerometers,
    compass, gps, cameras or microphone in your app
  • We port to: iOS®, Android®, Windows™

Integrated IoT Devices

  • Completely customised software and hardware robots
  • Automate tasks formerly out of reach
  • Connect to sensors, switches and other control elements
  • Upgrade your furniture with tech gadgets

Custom Data Entry & Analysis

  • Custom front-/backend development
  • Customised Data Analaysis
  • Database management and maintennance
  • Data aggregation robots

Need more than an over the counter solution can offer?

Talk to us about your project for a feasibility study. What seemed like science fiction just a few years ago is not so distant anymore.

Automatically read custom sensors and take actions depending on the output? Operating a customised back-end tailored to your business operation? Enhanced network or security capabilities through IP based systems that span the globe?

Integrated software opens another realm of possibilities for the industry 4.0 - information aggregation and analysis will be or probably is already a part of your operation. Do it the smart way.

Web Stress Test & Data Aggregation Service

Need to stress test your web application, or gather large amounts of live data on-line with a user profile? We can help!

Nodus Technologies has developed a robot setup to automate any task a web user would perform on scalable basis. We already developed a few products with this tool; such as a real time price comparison for hotels to save on OTA commissions.

Contact us if you would like to automate repeating or tedious web tasks.

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