Integrated devices

Usually called IoT or Internet of Things

Adding "Smart" to electronics

The beauty about automation is its versatility. Only limited by its actual practicabilities in the real world, you could dream up any concoction of sensor, controller and actor. Not limited by over the counter products.

Nodus Technologies offers development of automation prototypes for widespread protocols like Zigbee as well as integration of completely customised systems.

Smart-home Integrations

All smart home systems we support also allow the integration of third party readers and sensors through programmable input/output connections. Even without a pre-existing smart-home control hub, we can install a network accessible integrated circuit with preconfigured data output to suit your needs.

Enhance your smart home over what is offered in stores and tap into the real potential of automation.

Custom Sensor Monitoring

Regardless the sensor, if it has an output, we can integrate it into your applications. Measure gasses, liquids, brightness, weight. Read bar codes, faces, authentication keys. Output according actions and signals, fully automated.

Any task can be automated. Complicated tasks just need to be divided into separate steps until they are simple enough to fit the bill. Then you just chain the simple tasks back together. With this simple principle almost anything that takes up your time can be outsourced so you can use your day more efficiently.

Automation Setups

Together with clients we build fully customised automation setups not offered in any store.

If you are looking for a solution that surpasses end-customer possibilities and a programmer team that develops hand in hand with your business - Nodus Technologies is happy to help.


RFID Integration

Radio frequency identification has become a widely used short wave communication standard. From infomercials to authentication or payment systems, contact-less interactions have definitely found their way into everyday life.

Authenticate employees or guests, integrate touch and go payment gateways, control stock keeping or protect retail goods in your store. The possibilities of RFID reach into almost any field of activity. And with our help you can make your envisioned system come true.

Integrated Device Warranty

All integrated devices built and installed by Nodus Technologies include a 3 year on-site warranty with next-business-day response. With our maintenance program Nodus-Care you may increase your warranty time on Nodus Integrated Circuits up to 10 years in total.

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