Web-based Software

Websites and integrated server-side Software

Ever wanted more from your website?

We pride ourselves on cutting edge web development over the last 10 years. If you are looking for something that hasn't been done before you sparked our interest.

Immense computing power has been shifted to the web-browser as a tool. Capabilities continue to expand, and cloud based technology is growing to accommodate the software as a service model. Things brings along features previously thought impossible for web-applications.

Website Creation & Management

Next generation websites, using the latest cross platform technologies. With intuitive user interfaces and exceptional understanding of a servers capability we build easy to use client solutions that require little training.

Humans will be viewing and using your application - so we work closely with a team of NLP masters to develop a holistic approach to given problems. Together with analysis of user behaviour you get the most insightful data.

For running applications that require maintenance we offer service contracts.

Server-based Applications

Make your application accessible for multiple users, share projects and documents and gain a new level of overall awareness and efficiency.

Nodus Technologies can aid you in porting your applications to a server side platform. Minimise used resources and maximise resources used.

Secure user connections allow remote workplaces, shared resources minimise file clutter and maximise team efficiency, project overview enables meaningful management. Server side applications may be coupled with other software such as Customer Management Systems or eCommerce services. Talk to us about a feasibility study on your project.

Data Aggregation

Need to collect hard-to-access or live data? Test and analyse your on-line applications?

Nodus Technologies Test Suite has been developed on the basis of the Selenium Webdriver and is scalable to any size. Custom back-ends can be developed for the customised display of the collected data.


Automation Services

Not only can you automate your home and business. We offer the same service for on-line tasks. Any action a user can perform, can be automated and linked to custom triggers.

Our software authenticates reliably as user and passes conventional safety measures with ease. Free up your valuable time and hand tedious tasks to your new on-line assistant.

Open Source, Added Trust

If at all possible we only use software with openly accessible source code. Implemented packages and our code is always disclosed to the client to keep an optimum of control and trust.

Micro contollers and servers supplied by Nodus Technologies run the current Linux Kernel.

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