Nodus Wireless Routing Setup (Public WiFi)

As part of our efforts in the field of networking we are developing dedicated routing solutions and operate several Public Wireless Hotspots with said Technology.

These hotspots are showcases for efficient networking solutions involving large crouds and serve as local information systems.


  • Adaptive Quality-of-Service rules depending on simultaneous clients
  • Inbuilt proxy cache for static content delivery
  • DNS based downstream filters free up bandwidth
  • Redundancy on ISP signal loss - minimal maintenance required


  • SELinux managed
  • Isolation of clients within the network
  • Abuse identification
  • Multiple firewall setup

Advertising opportunities

The hotspots deliver advertisement during the authentification period. Contact us if you would like to see your advertisement included.

Even though measures are taken to keep the clients identity anonymous, their device will anounce its preferred language setting. Hence we are able to serve clients information in their respective language.

Single Advert (No language detection) Hotspot 6 Months 1 Year
First 9.000 THB 15.000 THB
Second, Third, etc. 3.000 THB 5.000 THB
Multi Advert (With language detection) Hotspot 6 Months 1 Year
First 10.000 THB 16.000 THB
Second, Third, etc. 4.000 THB 6.000 THB

Statistics of usage are supplied on a monthly basis through a Google® Analytics tracking function to provide a maximum of transparency.

If you have questions regarding the Nodus Public WiFi project please contact us.